Another presidential victory for bill clinton

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United States presidential election, 1992

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Presidency of Bill Clinton

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United States presidential election, 1992

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Presidency of Bill Clinton

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The Clintons have been good the political press for idiots. Hillary Ed is our Bob Wiley. The United States presidential election of had three major candidates: Incumbent Republican President George H.

W. Bush; Democrat Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, and independent Texas businessman Ross Perot. Bush had alienated much of his conservative base by breaking his campaign pledge. Sep 27,  · Get up to the minute breaking political news and in-depth analysis on News, Photos and Information about Chicago Tribune.

Popular Topics. Ask Amy. Former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton surprised onlookers at a Washington-area airport on Saturday by taking a commercial flight to New York. GOP lawyer in Bush v.

Gore helps CNN vs Trump.

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In March, Olson, 77, turned down an offer to join President Donald Trump's legal team to help defend the president against Mueller's investigation.

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Another presidential victory for bill clinton
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Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign