Intergroup conflict in india

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Intragroup conflict

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Australia MediatorsCanada Mediators India Mediators Germany Mediators New Zealand Mediators Some individuals within the group have inherent traits or social histories that impact intergroup conflict, but problems within intergroup relations are not usually caused by the deviate behavior of a few individuals.

Intergroup conflict causes. Group conflict, or hostilities between different groups, is a feature common to all forms of human social organization (e.g., sports teams, ethnic groups, nations, religions, gangs), and also occurs in social animals.

Hindu-Muslim Intergroup Relations in India: Applying Socio-Psychological Perspectives

Intergroup conflict Sources. The present paper is an attempt to demonstrate the applicability of existing intergroup theoretical perspectives to the study of Hindu-Muslim intergroup relations in India. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part presents an overview of the cur rent theoretical approaches which have been adopted to explain intergroup relations and conflicts.

So perhaps a possible avenue of further research could be devising a sports program, in areas of intergroup conflict that foster and fully embrace the theories of. India and Pakistan faced all of those negative intergroup instincts when they divided into separate countries at the end of the British empire, and then Bangladesh went through those same sets of ugly intergroup behaviors as the Bengal group sought independence from the other tribes of Pakistan after the initial division with India.


Intergroup conflict has therefore been the focus of intense study, and this review provides an overview of the many strands of research on the topic. Research has shown a pervasive tendency for relations between groups (i.e., intergroup relations) to be conflict-prone, and for people to treat and view members of their own groups (

Intergroup conflict in india
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What are the Potential Causes of Inter-Group Conflict?