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Rezultat In ecranul de rezultat al platii ai posibilitatea de a foundation transferul pe care l-ai transmis ca sablon de plata, prin bifarea optiunii "Salveaza sablon". Instant plaćanja.

Zadovoljstvo nam je da Vas obavestimo da će se počev od Raiffeisen banka uključiti u sistem instant plaćanja. Saznajte više. Up tofor anything. Now, we reward you for proper repayment with a bonus interest rate starting at 4,9% p. a. In a simple, fast and comfortable way you can become a user of some of the products from our rich range.

We offer you original solutions, favorable interest rates and a wide selection of bank cards. Dec 27,  · Raiffeisen Bank S.A. announced the earnings results for the first half of For the period, the company's net profit was EUR 55 million, an increase of 2%.Location: Calea Floreasca C Bucharest, Romania.

Pravovremena informacija značajno može uticati na vaše poslovne i investicijske odluke. Upravo iz tog razloga u cilju boljeg informiranja naših klijenata o ekonomskim i kretanjima na finansijskim tržištima tim analitičara Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina priprema redovite izvještaje sa tržišta koji obuhvataju sveobuhvatnu analizu ključnih makroekonomskih, političkih i.

Raiffeisenbank offers a wide range of bank products and services for individual and corporate clients - loans, deposits, bank cards, bills, transfers, etc.

Raiffeisen bank
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