The effectiveness of two websites in teaching students

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“Two-thirds of the teachers surveyed in the gap-closing schools said they used test and other data at least several times a month to understand their students' skills gaps, and sometimes several times a week.” 24 Instructional responsiveness to student assessments is a powerful tool for increased student achievement.

After students have finished, use the following questions to facilitate a group discussion about the effectiveness of the evaluation tools.

Evaluating Internet Resources

Be sure to point out the importance of effectively evaluating the credibility of sources before sharing them. A-Teacher designs learning opportunities that allow students to participate in empowering activities in which they understand that learning is a process and mistakes are a natural part of the learning.

– First, the effectiveness of successive teachers was related to student achievement in reading and math. Second, collective teacher effectiveness, as an organizational property of schools, was positively associated with achievement levels.

Online Teaching Effectiveness: A Tale of Two Instructors. Paul Gorsky Open University of Israel Paul Gorsky is a faculty member in the Dept.

of Education and Psychology and a Research Associate at the Chais Research Center for Instructional Technologies, Open University of Israel. interested in documenting teaching and learning effectiveness, the degree to which online students are successful as compared to their classroom counterparts is of interest to teaching faculty and others charged with assessment.

The effectiveness of two websites in teaching students
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