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The Educational Role of the Museum

1. Eilean Hooper-Greenhill is professor of museum studies and director of RCMG (Research Centre for Museums and Galleries), Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, Princess Road East, Leicester LE1 7LG, hopebayboatdays.com Professor Emeritus Eilean Hooper Greenhill Professor of Museum Studies.

[email protected] I am Emeritus Professor of Museum Studies, having retired from full-time work in the Department in September My academic writing has concentrated on the social sides of museums and galleries, education, learning.

The challenges to traditional museum culture which is still based on nineteenth century ideas about learning and education are identified.

The need for a cultural theory of learning is suggested. Little writing on museum education acknowledges the historical and hopebayboatdays.com Eileen Hooper-Greenhill is well-known internationally for her work on museum communications and education.

She has also been a lecturer in museum studies at the University of Leicester since and is the author of Museum annd Gallery Education(), Museums and the Shaping of Knowledge() and Museums and Their Visitors ()hopebayboatdays.com › Society, Politics & Philosophy › Social Sciences › Archaeology.

Eileen Hooper-Greenhill is well-known internationally for her work on museum communications and education. She has also been a lecturer in museum studies at the University of Leicester since and is the author of Museum annd Gallery Education(), Museums and the Shaping of Knowledge() and Museums and Their Visitors ().Reviews: 3.

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